Mandy Connell sings with Joyce Prescher for An Otherwise Quiet Room - The Moreland Sessions. This is an excerpt from a full, as yet unreleased clip, the song is LA Dream by Julia Jacklin. Filmed at "Golden Bowl Books" on Sydney Road, by Agostino Soldati Films, and recorded on set by Julian Abrahams.

This is part of AOQR's second season, "The Moreland Sessions". Live performances & Screenings will be offered on Thurs 22nd Feb 2018 at the Spotted Mallard, Brunswick.

Launch: An otherwise quiet room

This video was recorded live at the Toff in Town in Melbourne. It was the closing song on the launch night and was performed with Billy Mathieson on keys. Karen Adlam was kind enough to capture the moment.

This is the final track on my album 'Home', called Seven Footsteps. I recorded this video with Damon Smith of TNSIAJSW in his beautiful studio at the back of his house. So honoured to have been part of this.

This video was recorded on a beautiful winter's day in St Kilda's Botanical Gardens, one of my fav places, with the lovely people of The Blue Shoelace Sessions. It's called Light As A Feather.

One of my favourite Lera Lynn songs called Bobby, Baby, featuring my talented friend Bob Hutchison. This was recorded with Kevin Murphy of Modemusic at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne - such a beautiful space.